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​1lock2keys Locksmith is proud to offer 24 Hour Locksmith service for Brooklyn And the Five Boroughs.

We are conveniently located in the heart of Brooklyn New York and have Licensed Locksmiths on call to assist with 24 hour Locksmith service. Some people consider a 24 hour Locksmith for the purpose of Emergency Locksmith work but that is not always the case. Many people have obligations that will not permit the use of a Locksmith during normal business hours there for we offer the same service that we provide in the day on a 24 hour basis.

When requesting a Locksmith during off peak hours we recommend that you give a complete detail of the job description as night work tends to be unpredictable. Most people use this service for emergencies ranging from Lock out service to cylinder changes due to domestic issues. 1lock2keys Locksmith is available to help regardless of circumstance and we are available at any time. Our 24 hour Locksmith service is dedicated to providing quick and efficant lock changes to those who are in a dangerous situation. The best option for people that find themselves in a uncomfortable position is to call the police as they can offer protective assistance prior to the arrival of a Locksmith. Do not call the Police Precinct  directly as they will instruct you to dial 911. When calling 911 it is best not to be in a position of vulnrability and we suggest that you make the call from a neighbors home or a local store. We also would like to suggest that if you find your self in a position where you feel that you may be in danger, it is advisable to call the 24 Hour Locksmith from the Precinct closest to your home.

Upon request we will dispatch a Locksmith to the Police Precinct to help assist because your safety is a primary concern. 1lock2keys Locksmith offers these special services and with proper identification and Police approval we can perform our 24 Hour Locksmith service as you wait in a safe location. Upon completion of the job you will recieve a descriptive recipet which may used as documentation which you can provide to the necessary authorities as a course for legal action.

Our Profesional Locksmiths are on standby to help assist you day or night.



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